At Fountain Fuel you can fill up with hydrogen and charge electrically

These techniques are complementary, just like fuel and diesel in the previous century. We are more than a stop & go filling station. We offer workplaces, healthy foods and heaps of different forms of convenience. Always with a sympathetic appearance and a focus on service and comfort.

Driving zero-emission has momentum

The (easy) charging of vehicles is becoming a commodity. Filling up with hydrogen is less far in deployment. That seamlessly integrates with the Blue Ocean Marketing Strategy and offers us a chance to obtain a serious position. Our early investors have understood that, hence now we can build our zero-emission energy stations in Rotterdam and Amersfoort.


Locations and opportunities

At the same time we search for new locations and opportunities. We would therefore be keen to converse with new investors and are looking for ideal locations. Several big car brands are in the meantime looking for cooperation. Our filling stations are redundant and capable of delivering capacity. Therefore, at the start of our stations there will immediately be a good amount of vehicles coming to charge and fill up.

The game rules

Our energy stations are zero-emission; filling up with hydrogen and battery-electrical charging. We only build at ideal locations. We also provide a supply of vehicles, which swiftly makes the case profitable. Local companies receive the opportunity to participate and exploit. Further information on the case, investing-memorandum and governance is available if asked for. Want to know more?  Contactpage