Soon all cars will drive zero-emission. For this, two techniques are available. Sometimes the favoured choice is battery-electrical, sometimes the favoured choice is hydrogen-electrical. This is somewhat comparable to the choice of the previous century; diesel or fuel. The supply of battery-electrical cars is vastly growing. Hydrogen vehicles are still slightly less in the picture, therefore we provide some tips.


Renault is bringing a few models to the market.

  • Chassis-cabin

  • Closed off delivery van

  • People van -target groups transport

  • Combo/delivery

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With the Nexo, Hyundai is taking a lead in the passenger cars segment. Dealers and information can be found on

For the region Amersfoort you can contact Matthijs Vissers


Toyota is bringing the Mirai on the market. Photos above show the newest model.

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Our expectations of truck-suppliers are high. Hyundai is going to start with supplying trucks in Switzerland, but we expect the Netherlands to quickly follow. Together with Nicola, Iveco is building a factory in Germany for series-production. Once the tank-infra is sufficient, the supply will swiftly start. The years 2021-2022 seem to be realistic. Fugo (Mercedes-Mitsubishi) recently presented a 7.5 ton model on a car fair in Tokyo. Scania is already driving a few trucks in Norway. Innovators are quickly joining. We would be keen to converse with entrepreneurs interested in a zero-emission energy station at a logistics centre.