We DO NOT invest in techniques from the previous century.


Without energy everything stops. The energy-transition is inevitable. Climate, clean air, geopolitics and security of supply are all factors that play a role in the choices we make regarding success of the energy-transition. The storage and distribution of energy is crucial. Different techniques are available for that. Hydrogen is sometimes the best solution when it comes to mobility and in different situations batteries are the better choice. Battery-electrical charging is already on its way, whereas hydrogen as a fuel still needs some pushing around.


Quickly and flexibly we start up projects that are successful and reachable, in order to bring zero e-mobility to the table. Technique is hereby important, but success is reached through a good business case, clear communication and a well established long term vision. At first, projects will need a little support from the government. Eventually they will be reachable, scalable and profitable without subsidies.


The deployment of a network zero-emission energy stations, where battery-electrical charging and hydrogen fuel go hand in hand. The stations have a ‘sympathetic appearance’; Filling up at Fountain Fuel is ‘fun & cool’. Facilities such as catering, shops, carsharing, food market and hub functionalities increase our image and success. Development in the first phase will partially also be sustained by local companies and governments; thereby supported by our organisation, robust partners and investors with a vision.