Passengers cars

The current generation of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) have a range of 500-600 km. Fountain Fuel works closely with regional car dealerships that sell FCEVs. They can inform you about specifications, prices, and delivery times. And of course, you can take a test drive in one of the models.

Available brands of fuel cell electric vehicles for personal use.

Currently, there are two FCEV models on the market: the Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Nexo. In Amersfoort, we work with two car dealerships:

And it doesn’t stop there. BMW is also working hard on the development of a hydrogen car and it is expected that many other major brands will follow soon.

Exemptions and subsidies on zero-emission passenger cars

Are you driving a hydrogen vehicle? Then you won’t have to pay road tax in 2023. And if you only use a hydrogen car for business purposes, you have a 0% addition to your taxable income.

You are eligible for the following subsidies:

And in some provinces, there is an additional subsidy available upon purchase!


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The energy transition is inevitable.

To combat climate change, more and more sustainable energy is being produced. Storage and distribution of sustainable energy is crucial. Much can be done with battery-electric, but without hydrogen, the energy transition will come to a standstill. In mobility, hydrogen will play a crucial role.

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