On a beautiful spot along the Waal river, our third Fountain Fuel location will be established. Once a coal-fired power plant stood here, now it is an area in development. Soon to have excellent connections to the A73, A15 highways, and the city center of Nijmegen. In the future, it will also be suitable for […]


Near Rotterdam-The Hague Airport (RTHA), we are realizing our second Fountain Fuel. Currently an undeveloped site located on the south side of the airport, soon to be a premium location for traffic from the A20, A16, and A13 highways. Moreover, it will be easily accessible from the center of Rotterdam and indispensable for zero-emission taxi […]


Fountain Fuel waterstof Locatie Amersfoort

Amersfoort: our first Fountain Fuel Our first Fountain Fuel is located in Amersfoort. This zero-emission energy station is located approximately 200 meters from exit 8 on the A28 and about 500 meters from exit 14 on the A1. A food court has been built by the municipality just a stone’s throw away. It’s a great […]

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The energy transition is inevitable.

To combat climate change, more and more sustainable energy is being produced. Storage and distribution of sustainable energy is crucial. Much can be done with battery-electric, but without hydrogen, the energy transition will come to a standstill. In mobility, hydrogen will play a crucial role.

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