Where will the next Fountain Fuel be located?

To go from 3 to 11 and then to 50 Fountain Fuels, we need many locations. Do you know a good location for a new Fountain Fuel? Or even better, do you have such a location? Let us know. We are all ears!

Fountain Fuel Locatie Amsterfoort

What makes a location suitable?

A good location for Fountain Fuel meets at least the following four points:

What makes a location successful?

We bring in a lot of knowledge about technology, subsidies, permits, and procurement. Ultimately, there must be a long-term demand for hydrogen around locations. We like to work together with local businesses to create a mutual benefit.

We see opportunities for:

Hoe does it work?

This is how you suggest a location or proposal for collaboration.

Contacting us

Briefly describe your suggestion for a location or collaboration. We will then contact you within 2 weeks. If necessary, we will send you an NDA in the preliminary phase. Together, we will discuss the next steps.

Build together

We have extensive knowledge about technology, permits, subsidies, and branding. You have a local network, land position, may want to co-invest, or are looking for a way to make your fleet more sustainable.

What's in it for you?

The realization of a zero-emission station is complex. It is expensive to reinvent the wheel. We have been working on that wheel for almost 10 years. Based on the technology we use, more than 200 stations have already been built worldwide.

We help you get started with hydrogen. That's Fountain Fuel.

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Idea for a location or proposal for collaboration?

Do you know a good location for the next Fountain Fuel station? Or even better, do you have such a location? Or do you see opportunities for collaboration in another way?
Let us know!

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The energy transition is inevitable.

To combat climate change, more and more sustainable energy is being produced. Storage and distribution of sustainable energy is crucial. Much can be done with battery-electric, but without hydrogen, the energy transition will come to a standstill. In mobility, hydrogen will play a crucial role.

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