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Invest in a network of Fountain Fuels

Clean Air

Invest with your contribution in reducing CO2, nitrogen, and particulate matter. A better future perspective for yourself and the generation after you!

We build a network

One station is not enough. That is why we are building a network spread throughout the Netherlands. By investing, you will become a co-owner of a Fountain Fuel location in your area.

What's in it for you?

The economic forecast for hydrogen is positive, also for mobility. Our first Fountain Fuels have already been funded. Our aim now is to grow, and we would be delighted if you could benefit from our success. You can invest in two ways.

Provide a location

Do you have an idea for a new Fountain Fuel location?
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Are you in?

Drive fossil-free

Driving with hydrogen-electric (FCEV) or battery-electric (BEV)?

Check out our pages for passenger cars and commercial vehicles for information on available models and subsidies.

Refuel or recharge with us!

Browse our locations. No Fountain Fuel nearby? Download the H2-app (iPhone or Android).

Spread the word!

Share our vision

We have expressed our vision in videos, images, and a brochure. Use this material to help our vision go viral!

Review: Without hydrogen we're not going to make it in the energy transition
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clear story about hydrogen

Our story at your event?

Hydrogen is a hot topic. We bring an inspiring and clear story about the application of hydrogen in the energy transition, including myths and facts!

Interested? Ask about the possibilities!

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The energy transition is inevitable.

To combat climate change, more and more sustainable energy is being produced. Storage and distribution of sustainable energy is crucial. Much can be done with battery-electric, but without hydrogen, the energy transition will come to a standstill. In mobility, hydrogen will play a crucial role.

Do you want to read more about our vision and ambitions? Download our brochure.

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