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We are done with Fossil Fuels.

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Fountain Fuel: a network of zero-emission energy stations.

In May 2023, we have opened our first Fountain Fuel in Amersfoort! This energy station will soon be followed by stations in Rotterdam and Nijmegen.

By 2025, we will have 5 locations, and by 2030, we already have 30 Fountain Fuels planned. We are building an entire network of Fountain Fuels at strategic locations throughout the Netherlands, so there is always a Fountain Fuel near you!

On this page, you can find the locations where we are currently preparing or building. Do you know a good location for a Fountain Fuel energy station? Or even better, do you have such a location? Let us know by clicking  ‘Do you have a suggestion?‘.

No Fountain Fuel nearby?

Don’t worry. There are more hydrogen refuelling stations.
Want to know where? Download the H2LIVE app for iPhone or Android Or check the live map of H2-Rijders.

Download dan de app van H2LIVE voor iPhone of Android. Of bekijk de website van H2 Rijders

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The energy transition is inevitable.

To combat climate change, more and more sustainable energy is being produced. Storage and distribution of sustainable energy is crucial. Much can be done with battery-electric, but without hydrogen, the energy transition will come to a standstill. In mobility, hydrogen will play a crucial role.

Do you want to read more about our vision and ambitions? Download our brochure.

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