In Amersfoort, Rotterdam and Nijmegen we erect our first stations starting in 2022

In doing so, we opt for top quality and multiple hydrogen filling points for both 700 and 350 bar. Thereby we cooperate with strong partners such as Engie and Linde. Our stations will be equipped with proven and premium technology, which will allow us to serve passenger cars, vans and trucks simultaneously. Did you know that a passenger car is full in only 3-5 minutes? With it you can drive another 500-600km.

We will build our zero-emission energy stations at locations where the demand is guaranteed. We do this with backing of local entrepreneurs and local governments. The support of leading car brands herein is vital.

By 2030 you will be able to charge and refuel at 50 Fountain Fuel locations in the Netherlands. In addition, we have already started collaborations with initiatives in Belgium, Germany, France and Italy, which will give our customers the opportunity to have a zero-emission vacation and will allow for sustainable international transport.