Fill up with hydrogen and charge electrically with us soon

Filling up with hydrogen and electrically charging are complementary techniques, just like fuel and diesel in the previous century. We are building on a network of zero-emission energy stations. Rotterdam, Amersfoort and Nijmegen will be the first places opening their stations. More locations are being prepared as we speak. 

Energy for people as well

We are more than a stop and go filling station. Our guests are able to fill up their own energy as well. We offer workplaces, healthy foods and heaps of different forms of convenience. Always with a sympathetic appearance and a focus on service and comfort.

Not wasting your energy

Why waste your time with waiting and traffic jams? With us you can enjoy a healthy breakfast and work from 6am onwards. After the traffic jam you can drive the last part of your trip without any stress. Quick hairdresser appointment whilst charging your car? Grocery shopping before you head home? While you’re at it you can pick up your suit from the dry cleaner’s!