We do not invest in fossil techniques from the previous century


Without energy everything comes to a standstill. The energy-transition is inevitable. Climate, clean air, geopolitics and security of supply are all factors that play a part in the decisions we take to make the energy transition a success. The storage and distribution of that energy is crucial. Various techniques are available for this. In mobility, hydrogen is sometimes the best solution and in other situations, batteries are the best choice. Battery electric charging is already underway, hydrogen refuelling still needs a nudge.


We quickly and flexibly start projects that are successful and deliver tangible results to put zero-emission mobility on the map. Technology is important herein, but success is achieved by a good business case, clear communication and a well thought out long-term vision. Projects initially deserve some support from governments, but should be feasible, scalable and profitable without subsidy in the long run.


The rollout of a network of zero-emission energy stations, whereby battery electric charging and hydrogen refuelling go hand in hand. The stations have a sympathetic appearance; Fuelling or charging at Fountain Fuel is ‘fun & cool’. Peripheral facilities such as catering, shops, car sharing, food market and hub functionalities strengthen our image and success. The development will in the first phase partly be carried by local companies and governments; thereby supported by our organisation, robust partners and investors with vision.